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Zlatan Ibrahimovic is back to Italia Serie A in the winter move window

The eventual fate of Zlatan Ibrahimovic could again be written in Serie A. A few Italian clubs would surely need to draw in the Swede, who at 38 years wishes to complete his vocation in a major title.


This is the situation of his previous club AC Milan, which for the minute would not like to uncover his arrangements. “Ibrahimovic?

He is an incredible hero who has just worn the pullover of Milan by winning extraordinary triumphs. For the occasion, it’s only a recommendation, “said Frederic Massara, brandishing chief rossonero, at the receiver of Sky Sport.

“For the occasion, we should concentrate on our work, to take this club back to the level it ought to be. At the point when the winter move window opens, we’ll see what we can do. “


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