The Best Types of Cats in the world

Cats are one of the most popular pets in humans, so they have teeth and a digestive system that specializes in digesting meat. They also have strong olfactory sensors and hearing aids, and are able to see in the dark. Cats are known to sleep at a rate of 13-14 hours a day, and some cats may sleep up to 20 hours to maintain their energy, and they prefer to sleep in sunny areas during the day because they enjoy heat and exposure to sunlight

The most famous breeds of cats There are many breeds of cats, but the most famous breeds the following

Cat Siamese :

Siamese cats are characterized by signs or areas of color that are contrary to the color of the body on the face, ears, feet and tail, although there may be some Siamese cats that do not have those signs, and many Siamese cats have a tail that ends with a knot. Some Siamese cats have an apple-like head and a full body, and some have a larger head and a slim body.

Persian Cat :

A cat with a nice face and a short snout, also called an Iranian cat, or Shirazi cat after the city of Shiraz in Iran, is characterized by long and beautiful fur has no specific color, but you can find Persian cats in almost all colors.

Cat Maine Coon :

One of the most popular cats, they are large and have thick fur in a mostly brown striped color but can be found in any other color.

Ragdoll Cat:

A relaxing, obedient cat, similar to dogs, tends to go after their owners around the house.They tend to go after their owners around the house, which is similar to Siamese cats in terms of long fur and blue eye color.

Bengal :

This Cat has acquired its name from the Bengali tiger, a product of a hybridization between a home Cat and an Asian tiger, so it is characterized by the fur of a heathery and a wild look, although it is a deer Cat.

Abyssinian :

From cats that have a unique fur, where the single hair is light colored and dark colored, the cats often appear in red and orange fur, which is the most common color in the skin cats, but there is also cinnamon, or blue, Or a color that is italic for light yellow.


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