The basics of slippery road driving

Before driving, the windshield and windows of the car to ensure your visibility. Clean the front and rear window panes to stay visible to other drivers. Make yourself visible by switching on your low beam.

On a snowy or icy road, the grip is greatly reduced and the braking distances quadrupled, plan to increase the safe space that separates you from other drivers, limit your speed and always drive smoothly and without mating.

Always anticipate your braking and slow down gradually, constantly raising the foot of the pedal. Avoid using brakes when cornering.

Ride in over-revs, using mostly the engine brake to maintain your grip on the ground. Below zero degrees, apply the handbrake and set a speed (so that the gel does not freeze your braking system) when parking your vehicle. Avoid complete stops of the car, restart by accelerating slowly to avoid skating on your tires. If you slide on a plate of ice, counter-steer gently without breaking. If the road is sloping or uphill, accelerate slightly to recover ground grip.


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