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Soolking has got off to a good start in 2020. The artist of the Affranchis Music label has just revealed his collaboration with Dadju entitled Melegim… Propelled to the front of the stage in 2018 thanks to the success of its singles Guérilla or Dalida, and of a 1st album, Fruit of the demon, Soolking definitively became a real star in France, him which joined the hexagon in 2014, after a first round trip 6 years earlier, from his native Algeria.

With his new status, he was relatively active in 2019, revealing several clips, between new titles and collaborations as with Dhurata Dora on the international hit Zemër, while working on a new project. A 2nd album which should arrive in the coming weeks and which Soolking announced the release of the 1st extract just a week ago. A single on which he invited one of the other headliners of the French urban pop scene, in the person of Dadju. A story of an angel … For Melegim, which means “my angel” in Turkish, the 2 artists offer us a romantic and catchy title where they evoke the love they have for their partner.

soolking new album

A true declaration of love which will be accompanied this Friday afternoon by a clip and which could turn out to be a very big success, launching in the best way possible the promotion of a new opus much awaited in France, but also in Algeria where he is a real star. It must be said that he was one of the spokesmen for the popular revolt which has agitated the country in recent months, notably thanks to its title Liberty, used as an anthem among the demonstrators. In short, Soolking is well and truly back and he could quickly panic the counters, starting with this new single… Soolking feat. Dadju – Melegim:


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