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Raja Club Athletic vs Wydad Athletic Club pre- derby statistics

Raja Club Athletic gets the Wydad Athletic Club for the first round of the sixteenth round of the Champions Cup Mohammed VI 2019-2020 this Saturday, November 2, 2019, at 20:00 at the Mohammed V Sports Complex.

The gathering match between the two Casablanca adversaries will be intently watched to keep away from potential floods. For the event, a strengthened gadget will be set up

This is the derby, the conflict between the two greatest clubs in the city. The chance to return figures on 61 years of competition.

43: is the number of triumphs of Raja

33: is the number of wins Wydad

60: is the number of draws

125: is the number of objectives scored by Raja

111: is the number of objectives scored by Wydad

3: This is the most noteworthy number of back to back triumphs set by the two clubs in the 52, 53 and 54 showdowns for Raja and 100, 101 and 102 for Wydad.

6: the number of objectives in the 1995/96 Throne Cup quarter-last brought about a triumph for the Greens (5-1), the most productive derby of the period. the story. the derby match will be broadcasted only in Abu Dhabi sport only. as it holds the copyrights of Mohamed the sixth tournament.


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