Police fire speculate holding a counterfeit weapon in the Bronx

BRONX, New York – Early Saturday morning, police reacted to a 911 require an individual equipped with a gun. Police say the 911 guest was strolling along East 167th Street and Grant Avenue in the Bronx when they were drawn closer by a male who pointed a gun at them.

Cops reacted to the area and watched a male coordinating the depiction by the 911 guest close to East 167th Street, between Findlay Avenue and Clay Avenue. The NYPD moved toward the male who was supposedly grasping a weapon.

The officials stated they requested the suspect to give them his hands when he pointed the weapon towards the officials. The two cops released their guns, striking the suspect in the middle, police say. Police promptly mentioned a rescue vehicle to the scene. EMS reacted and shipped the suspect to a zone medical clinic, where he is recorded in basic condition. The officials were likewise moved to a zone medical clinic for assessment. The NYPD says they recouped an impersonation gun at the scene.

This episode was caught on the officials’ body-worn cameras and the examination is continuous by the NYPD’s Force Investigation Division.


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