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Morocco 5 vs 0 Egypte final africa futsal cup 2020

The Moroccan and Egyptian teams have managed to qualify for the final of the 6th edition of the CAN of Futsal. The Moroccan selection had that of the Angolans with a score of 4-0 while the Egyptian selection defeated that of Libya by 5-2.

morocco futsal 2020

Morocco and Egypt meet for the second time in the final after the final of the 2016 edition which ended with the victory of the Moroccan National Team. If Morocco and Egypt have likewise secured their ticket to the finals of the Futsal World Cup, scheduled for next September in Lithuania, third-place qualification for these worlds will oppose the Libyan selection tomorrow Friday to the Angolan selection.

futsal morocco team

The winner only once, the Moroccan selection will do everything to keep the title against the Egyptians who are also determined not to miss the boat. And it will be a hard-fought final when we know that the Egyptians were ranked 6th in the last world Futsal. It will be recalled that this edition of CAN Futsal is the most successful at all levels. The Royal Moroccan Football Federation has gone the extra mile by mobilizing all the necessary means worthy of a world sporting event.


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