Kim Jong-un: leader announced dead after “sloppy” heart operation

Kim Jong-un’s health has been fueling rumors since Tuesday and reports that the North Korean leader has been operated on and is in a worrying state of health. This Saturday, April 25, several media in China and Japan announced the death of the 36-year-old dictator who has reigned with an iron fist over North Korea since December 2011.

Kim Jong-un is dead or is on his bed death, with no hope of recovery, while this week, China sent a medical team to its communist neighbors to check the leader’s state of health and advise him.


“A Chinese medical delegation led by a high representative of the international liaison department of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is said to have left Beijing on Thursday for North Korea in order to advise Kim Jong-un,” Le Monde reported on Friday. It is this delegation which would have indirectly leaked information about the death of the “supreme leader”.


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