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Kim Clijsters vs Garbine Muguruza dubai tennis open

5:05 pm: The second round begins like the first: Muguruza is committing almost no fault, waiting for that of our compatriot. The Spaniard breaks out again after yet another foul by the former world number one. A few moments later, Muguruza confirmed his lead by winning his throw-in. The games started to pass for our compatriot.

Dubai open 2020

(2-6, 0-2) – 5:00 pm: While we thought that the Belgian had accelerated, leading 0-40 on the service of Muguruza, it picks up and wins the first round 6-2. As announced, difficult start for Clijsters. – 4:55 pm: After a new throw-in won easily by Muguruza, the Belgian loses her footing completely

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