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Justin Bieber’s wife hailey reacted to selena gomez i will kill you

This is a case that stirred the fans of Selena Gomez. Tuesday night, Selena Gomez unveiled her new title, a song called “Lose you to love me,” a first since her last album, released in 2015. “You promised me the world and I believed you, I t ‘ve put in the foreground and you loved it […] We always drove eyes closed, I needed to lose you to find me, this dance was killing me slowly, I needed to lose you to love me . Words that resonate like a farewell song to her ex, Justin Bieber, who, after an ugly break with Selena Gomez in early 2018, found Hailey Baldwin and married her a few months later. During the day, in his Instagram stories, Hailey Baldwin posted a title song that ignited social media, as it’s “I’ll kill you,” which is “I’ll kill you,” – fans of Selena Gomez – saw there a provocation on the part of the wife of Justin Bieber, and attacked his Instagram account, flooding his comments with lyrics of the song “Lose you to love me ».


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