Ivanka Trump arrives in Rabat Ready for Women’s Empowerment Mission

Venturing out to Morocco to advance her program for ladies’ enterprise, Ivanka Trump was hosted by Lalla Meryem, the sister of King Mohammed VI.

Three days in Morocco for Ivanka Trump. On Tuesday, the little girl and advisor of the American president traveled to Rabat, where she was gotten by Lalla Meryem, the sister of King Mohammed VI. The American is in the realm to advance the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative (WGDP), the program she bolsters for ladies’ enterprise around the globe. Ivanka Trump, who made ladies’ monetary strengthening one of her White House missions, accompanied Sean Cairncross, the supervisor of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, an American organization accused of advancing financial development. intercedes, among others, in Morocco.

The Global Initiative for Women’s Development and Prosperity is a program made in February 2019 by President Trump that intends to help the financial strengthening of 50 million ladies by 2025.

Ivanka Trump will visit Sidi Kacem and will likewise have gatherings with Moroccan authorities in Rabat and Casablanca.


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