In Russia, a bear came into the house through a window, ate a man and fled

The beast assaulted Sunday an inhabitant of 66 years. He raised a man around evening time on the veranda of his home, which is on the edges of the town. Vitimsky is encompassed by taiga. As indicated by Vesti-Irkutsk, police, and trackers have gotten the deadly bear day and night. A snare was set up at the perished’s home and a lure for the bear was left.

– We sent yesterday evening, there was a police officer, three trackers, around 500 meters over this house. We have mountains here, they raised him, evidently from the bed, and he went there to the mythical being. I have a water admission alongside this house.

Around evening time, I left three at the water consumption with submachine firearms. Toward the beginning of the day we went to watch, it was simply there.

He returned to this house where a man was nibbled. It’s a little daybreak and we have tackled the issue, in a manner of speaking, “says Nikolai Balutkin, town head of Vitim.


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