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Espérance Tunis 1 – 0 Zamalek Cairo goals champions league mars 6th 2020

L’Espérance Sportif de Tunis will try this Friday, on the lawn of the Radès Olympic stadium from 8:00 p.m., to turn the tide by welcoming the Zamalek of Egypt on behalf of the quarterfinals return of the African Champions League football (LCA).


Esperance, which meets Zamalek’s cairotes for the third time in a row in three weeks, has already suffered two defeats against the same opponent. The first in African Super Cup (1-3), contested in Doha, Qatar and the second last Friday in Cairo (1-3) in the LCA first leg.

esperance tunis

The round back to Tunis will therefore be decisive in determining the name of the club which will go to the semi-final of the competition between these two serious contenders for the title.

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