How to protect yourself during the pandemic coronavirus ?

here’s how to stay safe during the covet 19 pandemic ,if you’re healthy, one key thing to think about is how you can reduce non-essential contact with others, the UK government has urged people to avoid large groups, such as pubs clubs and theatres ,all non-essential travel is discouraged and you should work from home.

coronavirus instructions

 if you can by far the most important thing to remember, is to wash your hands frequently. you should also wash surfaces and you should avoid direct contact with others ,if you have a new continuous car or a high temperature that is one over 38 degrees you should self isolate for 14 days .

do not go to the GP the pharmacy or a hospital or call one-one-one what you should do is self isolate ,so you don’t infect others, you don’t need to worry because the disease is likely to be mild and it’s perfectly treatable at home.

coronavirus protection

 if you have symptoms and live alone you should self isolate for seven days but if you have symptoms and live with others you should all self isolate for 14 days, experts believe that if you have symptoms you will be infectious for at least a week at home.

 always keep 3 steps away from other people you’re using separate towels and other things that you might ordinarily share ,don’t have any visitors and get food medicines and other supplies delivered try to avoid contact with people, who are delivering things for you if your symptoms don’t improve after 7 days you should call 1 1 1 you should also call 1 1 1 at any time if you start to suffer difficulty breathing.


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