How do you properly wash a chicken?

How do you wash chicken before cooking?

Chicken is one of the most fortunate meats on international tables, Because of its low price, taste and ease of preparation in many different ways, recipes that are popular for family members, contain chicken in most cases.

The chickens are subjected to slaughter, packaging and other phases. They must be contaminated to varying degrees. Washing chickens more than once, in many ways, often destroys bacteria.

Hot water and salt:

After cleaning the chicken with cold water, getting rid of the skin and excess feathers, heat the water, then sprinkle with salt, and soak the chicken for an hour, this way we get rid of the blood attached to the body in the chicken, and the function of salt to remove dark spots in the chicken, and help to quickly clean it.

Coldwater and lemon:

Wash the chicken with water well more than once, and clean from the appendages, then rubbed in the lemon, and left for a little time to get rid of the exhale, then lifted from the lemon, and wash again.

Vinegar and mint:
Wash the chicken thoroughly in water; until we get rid of feathers and blood, then add vinegar and mint.
Rub the chicken inside and out, then soak it in the mixture for at least half an hour, and then rinse the chicken with water again, if we notice the smell of exhaling, return the ball again.


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