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Green eagles vs Hassania of Agadir Caf 2019 a glimpse about the Moroccan team

Green eagles club is involved in the Caf Confederation, Last Round First Leg, as it will host the Moroccan club Hassania of Agadir, on Sunday at Nkoloma Stadium. Match kicks off at 15:00 hrs local time, Hassania of Agadir is one of the best team in Morocco, founded in 1946, regardless of its short palmarès in Moroccan championship as the club won only the championship titles in 2002and 2003, but the club is known for the good playing and fair play, last year he succeeded to qualify to quarter-final in the  caf confederation cup, losing from Zamalek in Cairo with pride, ,The game has witnessed some controversy from Angolan referee, Hidler Martinez, who refused to award a goal for Hassania, ruling that the ball didn’t cross the line, the team currently is competing in the Moroccan cup of throne in which it qualifies, yesterday to the semi-final winning outside of its city, the famous club united club of Tangiers one to null. the match knew a great tifo in 3 dimensions from the fans of husa, which represent the trophy of throne that hassania never won before, a slogan mentioning win or die is also raised up by the audience, Before heading directly to Lusaka, via Dubai. Sunday match will Be a good game for both teams the winner will qualify to the next tour. Hassania of Agadir football team is known for its fans and supporters sprearded all over the world, ultras imazighen and red rebels travel with the team wherever it goes. The stars of the team are abdelkarim baadi left defender , soufiane bouftini and rami yassine central defenders ,karim el barkaoui , striker, and oubella mehdi one of the best midfielder in Moroccan championship.


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