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Damaging side effects that come with a pornography movies

Damage to watching porn.
Watching pornography has a lot of damage, both to the individual and to his or her community, including:

Damages caused by an individual cause problems of association and communication with the spouse and partner of life.
1- It creates the addict in an atmosphere of unreal imagination, and makes sex a virtual process, affecting his relationship with the partner of life to become a practicing relationship of sex

2- Pornography and addiction may cause the addict to practice other sexual acts that may eventually lead to illness caused mainly by such proscribed behavior and relationships .

3- Causes embarrassment of the life partner if the movie addicts try to execute the pornographic clips they see.

4- It creates problems with the life partner because the other party is not satisfied with the partner no matter how far the partner is satisfied.

5- It causes the addict not to reach the natural excitement of fungal sexual behavior, because of his habitual view of pornography .

6- You may cause the economic situation of the addict to deteriorate, because of his constant pursuit of films and pornographic material that he or she does not share.

7- It causes young people to buy and take sexual stimulants over the amount so they can agree between what they are watching and reality .

8- It may cause a man’s erectile to be weakened by the bad psychological condition that overflys the addict, making him unable to respond to any natural effect.

9- Damage to children is a great danger when watching pornographic films by children under 14 years of age, where studies have found that children of this age are greatly affected by watching these materials, making a major and permanent change in their brain components and affecting their behavior, and the behavior of children watching pornography is observed in their future .


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