Chinese virus: coronavirus what are the symptoms, which treatment to adopt?

coronaviruses form a huge infecting virus family mainly animals, however, this viruses can sometimes cause infections in humans most often associated with colds and syndromes mild flu, sometimes they can cause respiratory complications in immunocompromised, infections to coronaviruses are generally, not diagnosed because of their benign character and they are healing spontaneously, these viruses are transmitted from human to human by air in contact with secretions or that of objects.

china coronavirus

 particularly, contaminated during the period winter 2 coronaviruses have caused epidemics severe, sometimes fatal, in humans the rhinestone responsible for an epidemic between November 2002 and July 2003.

coronavirus causes death

the mayor this identified for the first time in 2012 in the middle east in 2020 a new coronavirus has been identified major symptoms in china are fever cough and breathing difficulties disorders, gastrointestinal will these mothers have for origin, the bat then a intermediate animal palm civet mask is sold and consumed in China for the rhinestone the dromedary for the mayor this it doesn’t exist yet specific drugs against these virus or vaccine.


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