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Cameron the eldest son of Michael Douglas talks about his addiction

 Michael Douglas is a  huge international star, he is still a father like any other who has worried a lot for his eldest son Cameron. Who was addicted in an early age to cocaine ,The actor of 75 years has indeed gone through very painful periods because of the drug addiction of the latter. In a cross interview between father and son published on ABC, the two men came back on this dark episode of their life. I hated the wreckage of my life because of drugs, but I just could not stop, “Cameron said. Cameron started like many teens with alcohol and marijuana. But he ended up falling into cocaine and heroin. To finally dealer of the methamphetamine to buy his doses. That was the turning point , After years of watching his son come in and out of rehab, the actor would have been forced to give Cameron Douglas an ultimatum. “You are my son and I love you but I think you are going to die,” he would have told him. When his father cut off his food, the young man broke into armed stores and then began to trade in “meth” in 2009. Sentenced to seven years in prison in 2011, he was given another four years for possession of cocaine and of heroin.the extract of the interview below


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