A diamond-encrusted toilet was unveiled at The Amazing Museum and Art Gallery in Dubai

The jewel-encrusted can bowl was granted an authentication of validness by Guinness World Records agents for “the most number of precious stones set on a can bowl”. “This precious stone can is one of my preferred Guinness World Record items,” says Aaron Shum, leader of Coronet Jewelry and The Amazing Museum and Art Gallery Dubai. “The possibility of the precious stone latrine that originates from the verses of Andy Lau’s Chinese melody Toilet where he sings, ‘Can is your companion’,” Shum said. “This is additionally the brand theory of Coronet; we treat each client as our companion and give true support to fulfilling our clients.

A diamond-encrusted toilet was unveiled at The Amazing Museum and Art Gallery in Dubai

To set up this thought is exceptionally noteworthy for me and the brand, and this is the motivation behind why I thought the precious stone latrine is an ideal expansion to the historical center.

” The organization has recently been granted 10 records for titles like the world’s most significant guitar ($2 million), most precious stones on a satchel, and for the most jewels set on a cell phone case. Those stressed over every one of those precious stones making the latrine somewhat awkward have no motivation to stress, however. Shum repeats that it’s anything but a working piece however a fine art, and has never been utilized. “The precious stone can isn’t available to be purchased on the grounds that it is a significant fine art for me,” he includes. “Be that as it may, if there is an interest for a jewel can, I should seriously mull over tweaking one for a client.”


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