7 Ways to Improve Your Memory

1 – Repetition is the process that is practiced by the individual on the memory continuously in order to save the information or events that pass through the human, and this method is what the media practiced on the citizen in the announcement of daily products that try to market.

2 – Perception is the perception of the individual surrounding, and sense of many events, and the reception of external influences by the senses; where after this process is understood and analyzed events in different ways, and this process needs many requirements.

3 – Attention, where a man receives during the day a large number of different stimuli and multiple aspects, such as visual and tactile stimuli, but what draws the attention of a limited number of them only, which are within the area of consciousness has.

4 – Note-taking or writing, which means that the individual take note of the information, events and observations received by the many means that he has senses (such as read in a particular site or book), and this method has many advantages to the individual, including that it facilitates the process of assimilation in the individual What has been written down and retained for a longer period of time.

5 – Concentration, which is of great importance, as the development of the ability to focus on human development develops the ability to remember, which is a skill like the rest of the various other skills; where a person can learn and practice them constantly and practice, to become a habit of habits practiced on a daily basis.

6 – Observation is one of the necessary and urgent things that must be taken care of by human; where they are often forgotten by many people, and show the importance of the ability of the individual to observe that the events and situations that are not monitored by the human attention and careful and careful.

7 – Union and interdependence where the individual works to link the information that he wants to remember or that do not want to forget something that he loves and desires.


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